Our Facilities


  1. The transportation facility is provided as a convenience and it is not mandatory on the part of the school. All humanly possible care is taken to make it safe for the students . However , the school will not be responsible for any unforeseen incident.
  2. Students should be present at the respective stops at the pickup time in order to avoid any inconvenience to the entire system,.
  3. Buses will ply only in accordance with the existing routes chalked out by the school.
  4. Students will be picked from/dropped at specified points. Either of the parents or a responsible adult introduced by the parent should be present at the picking /dropping points at the appointed time.
  5. Parents should inform the school in writing if and when they bring/take home their bus-using children to/from school.
  6. Students will be accommodated as per the carrying capacity of the buses.
  7. Bus facility will not be provided for fee defaulters.
  8. Request for change in location/route will be considered only in accordance with the availability of space in the bus.

Computer lab

We live in the computer era. It is imperative; therefore, the young children should be well acquainted with computers and their use in common activities of daily life. Computer science is an important subject taught in the school right from Grade -1.Students are given practical lessons along with theory classes in well-equipped computer labs.

Language Lab

In a world that is becoming more and more complex and demanding our students can not acquire the desired skills and gain knowledge through books and classroom teaching alone. Keeping this in view a fully equipped language lab is set up to develop the language skills of the students in a more attractive way.

Audio – visual aids facilitate the development of mathematical and scientific skills of the students utilizing the latest advancement in science and technology They make the teaching and learning process a joyful activity.


Work shops is given due recognition in all classes. Students are trained to make useful objects out of waste materials. The main aim in this area is to train the students to make maximum utilization of the minimum possible resources. Other socially useful productive works like collage work, vegetable printing, gardening, preparing greeting cards, flower making, cooking etc. have also been taught.


Reading is a gift and if nurtured at an early stage it will remain with us for the rest of our lives. This is why it is so important to read a variety of texts whether fiction, poetry, play scripts or our fabulous new National Geographic magazines. Our students need to challenge themselves more, sadly our students just don’t read enough!

Reading is truly an amazing experience, to love a book so much and to be so absorbed in the story to the point that you feel that you are actually there! It feels so real like you have seen the movie – that is the point our students must strive to be at when they read.
There’s a well stocked library with book lending facilities for teachers and students. Separate library period is included in the time-table to develop and encourage the reading habits of students.

Karate Classes

Wealth ,power, fame and the blessing of physical beauty are all relatively unimportant if one does not possess good health. An individual owes it to himself and his family to constantly maintain and improve his health. The school understands the importance of physical activity and provides karate classes for grades 3 and up. Those students who are interested can join.


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