Welcome to Dauha Al-Uloom International SCHOOL

Dauha Al-Uloom International School was founded in 2006 under the able leadership of a group of visionaries, professionals and academicians who had but one aim in this endeavour – to provide quality education to the expatriates in Jeddah


The school follows the stream of the Central Board of Secondary Education of India . At present there are classes from LKG to grade 10. The medium of instruction is English. Equal importance is given to Arabic language right from LKG. It is compulsory for all students. Other languages taught are Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

Islamic / Moral Studies

The school provides compulsory and free Madrasa education in English medium within regular school hours. The stress is on the scientific learning of Islamic subjects like Quran, Hadith, Akhlaq and Tareekh. Moral studies for students from other communities is not a farce.


Dauha Al-Uloom International School
License No: 254/S , Sahafa Street, Azeeziya, Jeddah, KSA
Tel.: 012 6700492, 012 6700495, Fax: 012 6747912 Email: dauhaaluloomschool@gmail.com